Experiences in Nature

The Indian Mount at the Black Eagle of Pomaia

What comes naturally to Davide Bassi is to be in complete harmony with horses, creating a direct and intimate contact with them in a short time.

This is all thanks to the most important encounter of his life, which occurred at the age of seventeen when he was in Australia for study with an elderly Sioux Lacota shaman.

Thus began an initiatory journey of how the natives related to the horse and the elements of nature by entering into deep harmony and symbiosis with this animal, so that he could relate to it without any psycho-physical constraints so that he could ride it without bit, reins, or saddle, in total freedom.


The teaching is to pass on the energetic, spiritual and practical technique by which the Native Americans of the Great Plains (Sioux) related to the horse and nature before contact with the white man, without using any means of coercion, so that you can enter into a deep empathic contact with it, such that you are considered its fellow man, so that you can ride it without bit, nor reins, nor saddle.
It is not just the technique that is needed, but the heart, getting to the essence of who you really are, so that you can get in direct contact with the horse, so that you can ride Thoroughbreds in the same way as Indian Mustangs.

Via dell’Impero, 28 – Pomaia (PI)

Oasi Lipu di Santa Luce (PI)

The lake was founded as the LIPU Oasis of Santa Luce in 1992 by an agreement between the Solvay Company ( which still owns the lake ) and LIPU – Italian League for the Protection of Birds – which manages the area together with the collaboration and contribution of the Province of Pisa, the Municipality of Santa Luce, as well as the above-mentioned company.

In 1997, the A.N.P.I.L. Santa Luce Lake was born. The interest of the Pisan provincial administration in a policy of protection and enhancement of the protected areas in the territory, together with the consent of the Solvay company, led to the establishment in 2000 of a protected area of greater value, transforming the A.N.P.I.L. into the Provincial Nature Reserve Lake Santa Luce.

In 2009 the Region of Tuscany approved the designation of Site of Community Importance “Lake Santa Luce” (IT5170009, Directive 92/43/EEC): a recognition and greater guarantee for the future, protection and preservation of the entire area. The lake today testifies to the achievement of those goals that LIPU had set for itself in the aftermath of the establishment of the Lipu Oasis.

THE Lake of Santa Luce is a habitat of choice for the presence of numerous species of waterfowl. An important site along the migratory route, it is a strategic node in the area’s ecological network. The Reserve has characteristics and potential that make it a site of great importance in the system of provincial and regional protected areas in terms of biodiversity,

but also of receptive and functional capacity for wide-ranging environmental education.

Via Rosignanina – Santa Luce (PI)

Horseback rides (English and western riding), riding lessons and training courses for children. During the year we organize horseback treks of one or more days, touching various locations in the province of Pisa, so as to bring out the beauty of our extraordinary territory. Sheepdog internships are held periodically with instructors such as Lyuba Musso. We make our Farm available for parties, birthdays and other events.

The facility also offers opportunities for those who want to spend a different day, perhaps with the family. A walk by the stalls, observing the ancient and noble trade of the farrier, understanding how the farm animals live and what they eat, learning to recognize the breeds of dogs or horses, preparing them for activities, paying a visit to the sheep field or witnessing the birth of a baby lamb are all useful and important recreational opportunities and experiences for even the youngest children.


Via Valderio – Crespina (PI)