Our Compotes

Here are some amazing creations, the compotes

Our compotes are special preserves that go well with fresh or aged cheeses.

They enhance the taste without overpowering the aroma.

They are excellent with pecorino, parmesan and provolone cheeses, but also very pleasant paired with ricotta.

With Onion Compote you can also accompany various types of meat such as pork, game or venison, preferably cooked roasted.

Mother Justina is NOT JOKING!

The garden is the soul of his recipes and it must be perfect and abundant! From this precious soil come the famous compotes of onions, peppers and green tomatoes to accompany and enrich many dishes.

The mix of herbs meticulously chopped and expertly mixed with garlic and salt represents the classic ‘cook’s secret’ that grandma uses in all her delicacies.

Available Products

  • Onion Compote170 gr
  • Peppers Compote170 gr
  • Green Bell Pepper Compote170 gr