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Gallorose Park

3 km trail with animals from the common farm and the rest of the world. A collection of species difficult to see. A unique thrill for young and old.

The Gallorose Park, inaugurated in June 2001, modified and amplified during 2006, has become a wildlife center, but, it still remains, a full-fledged farm where exotic and farm animals are bred with great interest in the development of native Tuscan breeds: amiatini burros, pomarancine sheep, Monterufoli horse, Pisan cow, Cinta Senese pigs and, in an area of about 50,000 sq. of land – with 3.4 km of equipped and marked trail – as many as 180 breeds of animals can be seen, heard and observed in behavior: from the Leghorn hen to zebra, from Maremma cows to cobi, from macaws to ostriches, monkeys, wildebeests, kangaroos, coati, lemurs, cranes, camels, Watussian oxen, cassowaries, toucans and many other animals that in this area with a mild climate due to its proximity from the sea (2 km), live in complete tranquility and in the pleasant company of species that have always lived here.

Via Aurelia Sud, 65 Località Cedrino – Cecina (LI) Italy
DISTANCE FROM CORTESI FARM: about 30 km (18 miles)

In Cecina, nestled on the Etruscan Coast, you can discover a corner of Hawaii by immersing yourself in the water park, a nominee for Best Water Park in Italy at the ParksMania Awards.
At Acqua Village Cecina you’ll find just the right mix of adrenaline and relaxation suitable for audiences of all ages.

Hundreds of meters of slides! New for 2017: Lua Pele, the Island of Volcanoes, a one-of-a-kind attraction. Plus Moku, the Children’s Island by Pago, a pool with playground and slides suitable for the little ones!
Under Hawaiian umbrellas you’ll hear the call of the Mauna Loa volcano-theater with the Aqua Mantica show featuring international acrobats.
Wai, the fun children’s circus school with activities and games in partnership with Mantica Circus School.
Plus lots of food stations to satisfy all tastes! And before you leave, stop by the Photo Village and choose your photo

Via Tevere, 26 Cecina Mare (LI) Italy
Phone +39 0586 622539 – WebSite:
DISTANCE FROM CORTESI FARM: about 25 km (16 miles)

Cavallino Matto is Tuscany’s largest Amusement Park, the greenest and most eco-friendly in Central Italy: completely immersed in greenery, it covers an area of 100,000 sq. m. in the pine forest of Marina di Castagneto Carducci, 10 hectares of pure fun with attractions that offer a range of thrills for everyone: from very small children, to teenagers, to the most reckless adults. Shocking Tower soars amazingly from the top of the Park’s trees: 55 meters high and only 1.8 seconds of accelerated thrust to reach the top. Gold Mine, the beautiful gold mine at the center of the earth, hosts the most adventurous and “dangerous” ride for adults and children, with explosive surprises!

Popular attractions include Yukatan, Buccaneer’s Bay, Zorro Mouse, Colorado Boat, Fairy Tale Canoe, Safari Adventures, the fantastic Project 1, Rock n Roll and since 2013 the new entrance represented by two large horseshoes and a fairy-tale setting.

Original and exciting films are shown every year at the 4D Movie Stars cinema, while as far as shows are concerned, in 2015, the brand new ALIEN VS AVATAR arrived, entirely designed and created by the staff of Cavallino Matto.

In addition, inside the park, there are Restaurant – Pizzeria Services, Self- Service, Bar, Ice Cream Shop, Yogurteria and Souvenir Area.

Via Pò, 1 Marina di Castagneto Carducci – LI (Italy)
Phone: +39 0565 745720 – WebSite:
DISTANCE FROM CORTESI FARM: about 45 km (27 miles)

The tree acrobatic courses, consisting of a series of fixed and suspended platforms connected by passages of different difficulty and length, are made to be able to perform a variety of exercises to be done safely.

  • No. 2 Practice Course
  • PINK Baby path (from 90 to 110 cm in height)
  • YELLOW path for children from 110 to 140 cm in height
  • ORANGE route for children from 110 to 140 cm in height
  • BLUE route for children from 110 to 140 cm in height
  • GREEN route for adults/children from 140 cm in height
  • BLUE route for adults/children from 140 cm in height
  • PURPLE route for adults/youth from 140 cm in height
  • RED course for adults/youth from 140 cm in height
    instinctive archery
    tree climbing

and then…… MTB rental and possibility of using our barbecues.

Località Giardino – Riparbella (PI)
Phone +39 0586 444407 – WebSite:
DISTANCE FROM CORTESI FARM: about  25 km (16 miles)

The Livorno Aquarium, located on Livorno’s Lungomare next to the Terrazza Mascagni, enjoys a privileged position of strong emotional and scenic impact and offers the public a tour itinerary that is spread over two floors for a total exhibition area of about 3,000 square meters.

On the ground floor, the blue of the abysses with its 33 display tanks housing the two splendid green turtles “Ari” and “Cuba,” blacktip sharks, Napoleon fish, zebra sharks and even seahorses, jellyfish, starfish and much more.

On the second floor the blue of the deep, gives way to the green of the forests in a space dedicated to insects, amphibians and reptiles in their fascinating different forms and colorations: the “invisible” stick insect, the jointed millipede, the colorful arrow frog and the camouflaged chameleon, the iguana…

From the second floor there is access to a splendid panoramic terrace from which to admire the beauty of the Tuscan Archipelago and the Livorno coast.

The mission of the facility is to inform and raise public awareness of the conservation, management and sustainable use of aquatic environments to promote positive and responsible behavior. This makes it a unique opportunity for schools and a high value proposition for the leisure time of families and children.

This commitment is enshrined in the important recognition of “Scientific Institute” issued to the facility by the Ministry of Agriculture,

Piazza Mascagni, 1 – Livorno
Phone 0586 269111 – WebSite:
DISTANCE FROM CORTESI FARM: about 40 km (25 miles)